Eco-Friendly Surface Cleaning and Repair

Alchemco’s ACR product lines feature  a full array of products to restore your surfaces to a beautiful look that is ready for whatever use it was originally intended. ACR’s products are specifically and intentionally designed to be environmentally conscious to keep our world safe for generations!

Our products can clean and etch most any concrete or masonry surface!  ACR can also help with converting and preventing rust. And, our concrete repair products help fix and patch problem areas to get them looking and functioning like new!

ACR products are a fantastic partner to our TechCrete, CretePro, GraffitiBlok and ChoiceCote product lines to properly prepare your surfaces prior to applying other maintenance and protective products.



ACR Concrete & Masonry Cleaner Concentrate
ACR Concrete & Masonry Etch Concentrate
ACR Emulsifying Cleaner


ACR Paint & Stain Remover
ACR Graffiti Remover


ACR PolyMembrane Flashing
ACR PolySeal Sealant
ACR Pourable Sealer
ACR Rust Converter & Inhibitor
ACR Concrete Patch & Repair


ACR Accelerating Agent
ACR Crack & Void

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